About Us

Welcome to Jesus’ Wind Of Victory, a charitable organization dedicated to bringing hope, healing and transformation to the lives of individuals and communities in need. With a profound commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ, we strive to embody His love, compassion and unwavering spirit of victory in all that we do.

Our Story.

Serving and helping since 2013. 

Started by Julius Wamimbi, the executive Director of Jesus’ Wind Of Victory, we are a community based organization fully registered under the government of Uganda with registration Number: JJA/03/2016/00447. 

The story of Jesus’ Wind Of Victory begins with Julius’ own life. Having faced similar challenges, losing his parents at an extremely tender age, struggling each day that got by and having to fend for himself very early on in life inspired him to found Jesus’ Wind of Victory. However, these childhood challenges provided him with 1st hand information and experience of the suffering that’s faced by youngsters who face the lose of their parents.   

The belief in God and His promises kept him going each day that passed. Julius & his siblings’ lives got better when God led several groups and individuals of missionaries to them. They were  taught more about God, helped them access education and granted them food support. At that very moment, God had did it. However, Julius’ still wondered about all other children who faced similar challenges like he once had. Those that had not been so lucky to cross a path with missionaries. This gave him the passion to start Jesus Wind Of Victory. A community based organization with the ability to reach those in desperate need. An organization that would better the lives of the little children facing hardships in life. Those that have lost their parents, been abandoned or those from extremely poor families. Such children do not have the luxury to access education. To them, it’s a dream. One so hard to attain due to how pricey education is in Uganda. Jesus’ Wind Of Victory aims to change all that. To provide education to all it can reach and to build leaders that can be the change we all seek so as the world can become a better place.   

Our Mission

Helping Orphans & those in desperate need

To provide quality standards of living through education to the orphans, the vulnerable and other needy children in the communities of Uganda through child sponsorship, feeding, provision of shelter and empowering the youth plus widows with survival skills to improve on their standards of living. 

Our Vision

We seek to have a caring and loving society where the entire community is endowed with self-esteem, respect, responsibility, discipline and productivity.


Our Purpose

Our Management Team

Meet our back bone. The team that holds us.

Everyone says it, but in our case it’s true. Our team is the secret to our success and progress. Each of the members of our team is amazing in their own right but together, they are what makes Jesus Wind Of Victory such a fun and rewarding place to work. Jesus wind Of Victory is made up by people who care deeply about improving education, health and the overall life of children and communities in Uganda. 


Be a Part of Our Organization

Wish to join our team? Don't hesitate getting in touch with us. We'll be so gratified to join hands with you. As a partner, staff or volunteer.

Wamimbi Julius

Founder / Director

Balilaine Wahub

Programs Manager

Wajjega Henry

Elderly Coordinator

Nanyanzi Lydia


Mwesigwa Juliet

Women Coordinator

Birabwa Esther

Social Worker

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