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Jesus Wind Of Victory has made gigantic leaps toward helping the needy in Uganda. The organization has numerous projects tailored to bettering lives and communities alike. Come along, let’s dive in and explore the works of Jesus’ Wind Of Victory. 

Spreading love, kindness & support

Giving a hand to those that need it the most, Jesus' Wind Of Victory focuses on bettering the lives of everyone they can reach out to.

From education support, to feeding, clothing, and spiritual development, Jesus’ Wind Of Victory works tirelessly to ensure that lives are impacted. 

Bettering Lives

Supporting those in desperate need

Education Support

Some of Our Projects

Orphan Sponsorship Program

HIV/AIDs and the high levels of unemployment in Uganda impact the innocent young children in the country in such a way that many children lose their parents a tender age due to HIV/AIDs, whereas others are abandoned by their parents due to the lack of money and the ability to facilitate the children. These children resort to the streets and try to fend for themselves. However, the high cost of living in the country doesn’t let them get any far. The poor little lads sleep on the streets of Uganda, covered in dirt and malnourished, with no access to education or even healthcare. Sponsoring an orphan helps feed, clothe, treat and educate a child. Without your help, many children will be forced to fend for themselves in the world of extreme poverty and horrors. We all understand that no child should face this dilemma. This is why Jesus’ Wind Of Victory embarked on a journey to better the lives of the children facing such challenges in Uganda.  Jesus’ Wind of Victory’s Orphan Sponsorship Program differs from other programs in that we care for every need of the child rather than just one or two aspects. Your sponsorship helps care for a child in Feeding, Clothing, School Fess & Supplies, Medical care, Sports, Leisure Time, Spiritual Discipleship, Counseling services and Special school visitation days for the children that are in boarding sections.       

Elderly Care

As Jesus’ Wind of Victory, we have seen the cries of the elderly people in several rural areas starving to death, sleeping without food for the entire week, living under poor sanitation and hygiene and no medical care. After a thorough assessment in one of the villages in Kayunga District of Uganda, we decided to move forward by providing food baskets, mosquito nets, and other household items to the elderly people of Byabuku Village. Currently, we are working with over 100 households despite the limited resources. The age range of the elderly persons under our care ranges from 50 years to as high as 90. Most of them are widows and widowers who can’t afford to place a meal on their table. These are at times neglected by the community. Jesus’ Wind of Victory works to help the elderly under our custody so as to grant them a better life. With this, we call upon each and everyone to grant us assistance as we help and support these wonderful people of God. From our assessment, we found out that each house needs $90.00 to sustain it the entire month.

Women Empowerment

In conjunction with Business enrichment programs where we train the community on how to manage and run businesses from grass root to a level where they can get profits, every year, we conduct 4 classes in different villages, this is due to the fact that each class takes a period of 3 months. However, more support is needed to enhance on the progress of this program hence each class costs over $500.00 to be conducted, this includes money to start up a test project at the end of the training. This enables the trainees to get first hand information on how they run the business. 

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